Image Masking

We can make changes later or fine tune to our masks whenever we need to. Same is true if we cut an object or portion from the image making a path on them. We will not be able to include more adjacent areas easily. Just if we want to hide some area we’ve cut out, it may be possible by using the masking technique. It is a non-destructive process of image editing. Most of the time it enables you to adjust and tweak the photomask later if necessary. Very often, it is an efficient and more creative way of image manipulation services.

In twofold designing procedures, a photomask would compare to a subset of the layer design. On account of a photomask, there is a balanced correspondence between the veil design and the wafer design. This was the standard for the 1:1 veil aligners that were prevailing by steppers and scanners with decrease optics. As utilized in steppers and scanners; the reticule normally contains just a single layer of the chip.

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