Cropping & Resizing

Resizing an image is the act of either making an image bigger or smaller, so that they can be the exact size you want them to be. When the size of your image is wrong, it could immediately lead to a lot of wrong things on your website.

Imagine having a picture whose size is the bigger than the space you initially wanted it to take. You will be forced to make other things smaller, which could negatively affect the balance of your web page.

The same applies to making other features of the web page bigger because the image is too small.

Resizing an image might seem like an easy thing to do until you start to notice that you have messed up the aspect ratio of the picture. This can easily make your picture very unattractive when the dimensions of the product are different.

It could even get you in trouble as a troublesome customer could give you a damaging review or sue you to court for delivering a bag with dimensions, in terms of length by breadth, that is equal, say 6 inches by 6 inches, when the look on your web page was like a 2 to 3 ratio, which should give a 6 inches by 9 inches dimension. The use of professionals is therefore, very important for properly resizing your images.

Using our image resizing service means that we will help you to resize the image of your picture while maintain the dimension and every other feature of the picture. We will ensure that we don’t misshape the picture in any capacity or give it an interesting looking appearance that may debilitate your customers and potential customer. Irrespective of the usage to which you want to use the picture, you are assured of better results, compared to when you do it on your own.