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Our services: removed photo background, editing, Image Clipping, retouching, masking, clipping, online photo masking


imageclippingcamp.com (ICC) uses fast and secure server with huge capacity of storage. We prefer FTP. FTP is a good and stable choice for sending a large size file. So first you need to request for a FTP account to info@imageclippingcamp.com Then we will provide your FTP Username and Password by an email. Secondly you need to download the software that you need to use FTP server. If you are a Windows user then you required FileZilla and if MAC user then Fetch Soft works. Enter the FTP address, username and password provided in the email into the software. Please remember that all these information are extremely confidential and secured and must be shared only between the client and imageclippingcamp.com.

You can also upload your files with 2GB limit for using the following links to direct our email info@imageclippingcamp.com

Web Uploader:

Apart of using this Web-Uploader if you need to send us high resolution files which are more than 2GB at a time should be sent using Web Uploader. For Web Uploader please fill up the following information.

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